Once known as Rauzaa, meaning “garden of paradise, “Khultabad is now called THE VALLEY OF SAINTS, or the Abode of Eternity, because in the 14th century several Sufi saints chose to reside here. The Dargahs of Zar Zari Zar Baksh, Shaikh Burhan ud-din Gharib Chisti and Shaikh Zain-ud-din Shirazi, along with the tomb of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb and his trusted General Asif Jah I, the first Nizam of Hyderabad, are all here. You may wish to hike up the hill for meditation in the sacred cave where sadgurus Sai Baba of Shirdi and Avatar Meher Baba spent time, or explore the tomb of the fascinating Malik Ambar, 1548-1626, whose childhood as an African slave did not prevent him from becoming advisor to generals, and pioneer of modern guerrila warfare. Short ride away by car or rickshaw, or borrow our bicycle.