We’ll arrange a professional, licensed guide to the famous Ellora Caves, a UNESCO World Heritage Site right down the street—an easy walk (but not so close that the noise of the crowd disturbs your enjoyment of our views and vistas). It may take you more than one day to explore the 33 monolithic carved basalt temples that are open to the public.

Our guests also enjoy the early-morning songs of devotion from the famed neighboring Grishneshwar Temple, an important pilgrimage site, the twelfth Jyotirlinga.

A bit farther away are many places of cultural importance to investigate, as this is a place where North (Moghuls) clashed with South (Marathas), and the historic events of many centuries have left their mark. We recommend you plan on seeing the Valley of the Saints, the “Mini Taj” (Bibi ka Maqbara), the tombs of Aurangzeb, Zarzarizarbaksh, and Malik Ambar, a very special Hanuman temple, Daulatabad Fort, Chatrapati Shivaji Museum, Connaught Market (“Shopper’s Paradise”), Siddharth Garden, Khultabad, and Panchakki (an ancient water mill).

Perhaps you’d like to see an ancient well built for our village by the famed Ahilyabai Holkar? It’s less than one km from our gate. Many guests take a day trip to the Ajanta Caves, a 3-hour drive each way… just let us know what interests you, and we will make arrangements. We can fix up a box lunch or breakfast, a car and driver, a rickshaw, or get you to a bus, plane or train.


Grishneshwar Temple
Ellora Caves
Ahilyabai Holkar Stepped Well
Ellora Caves Craft Shops and market stalls
Ellora Village & Friday afternoon market


Aurangabad Caves
Aurangzeb’s Tomb
BanI Begum Garden
Bibi ka Maqbara (“Mini Taj”)
Daulatabad Fort
Dnyeshwar Udyan
Gautala Sanctuary
Naukhanda Palace
Pariyon ka Talab (Fairies Lake)
Parsavanath Temple
Pitalkhora Caves
Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary
Shahganj Masjid
Shivji Maharaj Museum
Siddharth Garden
Sleeping Hanuman Temple (Bhadra Maruti)
Soneri Mahal
Valley of the Saints
Zarzarizarbaksh Dargah

We offer shopping trips to huge malls, or for local handicrafts, including bidri ware, and Paithani and Himroo sarees and shawls.