“I don’t have proper words to explain about this place. Ellora Heritage Resort is like heart of Aurangabad. A special thanks to Javed Bhai and his team. They have done an excellent job with hospitality. It is unbelievable you can get all this at such a price in Ellora!”

— Wandering Monks Bullet Riding Group of Mumbai, 29 Jan 2017

“Nice place to spend weekend. Well-managed and beautiful spot. Good Hospitality. Once again thanks.”

–Anonymous, 29 Jan 2017

“Cleanest hotel in India.”

— Sherry from NYC 12 Jan 2017

“Clean and good ambience.”

— Anonymous 29 Jan 2017

“Pleasant atmosphere, warm welcome and soothing effect, feels like jungle safari, thank you”


— Anonymous, 29 Jan 2017

“Hotel has good ambience. Surely wanna come again!”

–Anuj, 30 Jan 2017

“Thanks for your cooperation. This is a nice place to stay. All the best.”

–Rajendra, 3 Feb 2017